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do nothing!!!! This site is absolutely fantastic!!!!! I was searching and searching for a site that could remove oily shine from my photos and this works really great! THANK YOU!!

CH , 16.07.2010, 18:02

say that what you guys have done in this website is amazing & very creative

achochie, 27.11.2010, 08:40


lhadyheart, 27.11.2010, 02:48

very nice

abdul jabbar, 26.11.2010, 18:14

say that it's cooler if we can make pictures into cartoons

lenyca, 23.11.2010, 15:38

say that pho.to is a very good photo editor website

lenyca, 23.11.2010, 15:38

thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! :))))

sofia, 23.11.2010, 04:57

i love this web

i love this soooooooooooo mach

elvan, 10.11.2010, 13:55

i like it

bala, 09.11.2010, 11:12

This is the best for graphics

Fahim Ibrahim, 09.11.2010, 08:06


great site

ash, 08.11.2010, 18:25

west school deaf many love

kim deafsalvoro, 08.11.2010, 04:18

yes its very nice

prit, 08.11.2010, 02:31

all good..

ziya, 08.11.2010, 00:56

thank yu for all the great frames to make our photos so much better:)

cara, 29.10.2010, 14:23

leave it as it is

steddd, 02.10.2010, 17:53

Nothing really to do as it all seems great

THere's nothing that needs to be changed asd it's a great site.

Jay, 01.10.2010, 23:11

all the best.........:);):)----

irakli, 01.10.2010, 08:23

Este sitio es demaciado exelente

Aleja, 25.09.2010, 00:20



ANSENORA BEKRIS, 15.09.2010, 12:12
Idea status: under consideration


sergeant flynn, 07.04.2011, 21:11
if the government was as good as this site then we would all be happy !!
SamV, 23.04.2011, 06:46
This is d coolest site i ever seen. Thanks buddy!

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